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Nordic Curl Power Rack Attachment (adjustable)

Nordic Curl Power Rack Attachment (adjustable)

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Build strong hamstrings with my custom-made Power Rack attachment, designed for both Nordic Hamstring Curls and as a Knee Pad Support for Lat Pull Downs. Tailored to fit your power rack, this attachment is an adjustable, space-efficient addition to your power rack and garage gym.

Build and Specifications:

  • Material: Made from durable 1/4" plate welded steel.
  • Padding: Features premium-quality leather foam padding.
  • Finish: Matte black powder coating.
  • Leather Pad Dimensions: Length 7" x Outer Diameter 3.5".

Customization Options:

  • Color: Custom color powder coating available for an additional $20 to match your gym setup.
  • Magpin: Upgrade with a Fringe Sport magpin for $30. Fringe Sport Magpin.

Feel free to contact us for this or any other customization needs.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality craftsmanship

It's very solid, and fits well on my Rep Fitness 4000 series 3x3" rack with 5/8" holes. Certainly does what it promises and provides a good way to do Nordics. I initially skipped the magnetic pin, but after using my other rack pins I would suggest going for the magnetic pin as it gets out of the way of your feet better when using the attachment on your rack. The only way to improve this product would be to make it somehow adjustable so you could vary the height off the floor a few inches, but I'm not sure that this would be possible in a way that would keep the same high standard of manufacturing the attachment has. I should note that it's already "adjustable" in the sense that you can obviously move it up and down to different holes on the rack, as well as flip it upside down to give you different height options.